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Hopefully this is the right website

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Hopefully this is the right website Empty Hopefully this is the right website

Post  Oliver Shagnasty Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:49 am

I pray this is the actually forums Very Happy I just learned about this "mod" on moddb.com and it linked me to a bunch of old forums. After signing up on ....3? different websites, I think this is the newest one xD

If this isn't (though looking at some of the posts, I think it is) the right website or not even the right project, just tell me and excuse my nubness.

I can't really do much for coding or anything, I'm just really interested in this project Very Happy

Sooo..yeah. Anything I can do to help out, I'll try Very Happy

I have a Teamspeak server you guys can use to communicate or whatever, I don't know how you guys work that. Very Happy

I'm just introducing myself to this community I guess.

If it helps, I've played WoW for a long time.

Oliver Shagnasty

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